About Us

Playing in Sandpits encourages the imagination and creativity from simply digging holes and burying objects. In other words, the sandpit provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct and destroy the world in three dimension.

To be sure that children gain the best experience, it’s your responsibility to ensure our sand pits are safe from bacteria and free from any unwanted nasty surprises that find their way into the sandpit such as cat faeces (etc). It is now recommended from all government bodies that all sandpits are cleaned and free from bacteria making it safe for children to play in sandpits.

Hygienic Sandpit Spray has been formulated to do just that with one easy step and applying a light spray over the sandpit.

What is Hygienic Sandpits Formula?

Hygienic Sandpits Spray is a specially formulated solution made from bio degradable ingredients. Its content is 100% safe for children and ensures that they gain the best experience when playing in the sandpit. MSDS is available to download on our website.

Why do I need Hygienic Sandpits Formula?

To be safe and ensure that children gain the best experience “Hygienic Sandpits” 2 in 1 offers a specially formulated Solution:

  • Preventing MRSA infections from Sandpits.
  • Preventing Other infections from Cat litter etc.
  • Protecting our children from bacteria.
  • Keeping sandpits safe....made easy

Cat Repellent

  • Easily and safely keep unwanted cats out of your sandpit.
  • Prevents cats not to enter a particular area.

IMPORTANT: Maintaining the sandpit regularly will reduce the bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye.