What Should I Do?

Prevention is the best source of medicine 

  • Hygienic Sandpit spray is an easy application spray that has been formulated to kill bacteria and repel unwanted neighbouring cats using the sandpit has their own litter box.
  • If possible, a cover for the sand pit that can’t be blown away or dislodge from animals is another good prevention. 

How often do I apply this product ?

  • If you do have a cat problem using the sandpit as your litter box use the Hygienic Sandpit spray daily for 1-2 weeks to build a pungent odour of the sand pit (cat sense of smell is 14 times stronger than humans). The smell will slowly deter the cat from coming into the sandpit. Once you have eradicated your cat problem usually a weekly spray that will have a faint pungent smell to keep cats away and also kill bacteria in the sandpit.
  • Spray bottles can be purchase at any local Bunning stores 
  • Hygienic Sandpit spray is ready to use, dissolving in water is not required 
  • Recommendation—Depending on the size of your sand pits but usually the 15 or 25 litre should last you 6 months to a year’s supply (viable cost of $2.60 for a weekly spray). 
  • Initially a heavier spray outside the border of the sandpit to create an environment to repel cats.